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A Text Book of Practical Organic Chemistry For B. Pharmacy Students

350.00 280.00

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Dr.Ampati Srinivas, G.Sahithi Reddy





Nitya Publications, Bhopal



A Text Book of Practical Organic Chemistry For B. Pharmacy Students

350.00 280.00

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This practical course is a under graduate level that is important to Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry course. These topics have been selected as per the syllabus prescribed by the esteemed Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) applicable to all the B.Pharmacy II Semester and III Semester students in the India.

This lab book covers the following: Separation, purification and identification of organic compounds through their physical properties like melting point, boiling point, crystallization, extraction, and solubility. Preparation of some Pharmaceutical Organic compounds as well as qualitative tests for selected classes of organic compounds. During the lab sessions a student must complete an experimental procedure and solve the questions related to the experiment. It is student’s responsibility to ensure that all the necessary results and to have completed any calculations before leaving the lab. As a part of this book student will be introduced to some of the safety equipment in the lab as well as the rules and regulations for student in the lab. Every student should pay alertness to this content so that student can react properly in case of any emergency.

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