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Academic Resilience Issues, Challenges and Strategies

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Prof. (Dr.) Adnan Khan Lodi Dr. Geetika Nidhi Dr. Divya R. Panjwani





Nitya Publications



Academic Resilience Issues, Challenges and Strategies

300.00 Original price was: ₹300.00.240.00Current price is: ₹240.00.

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Enduring different levels of teaching has been an important component of my professional expanse. In my long journey in field of education I have undergone many challenges each of which has made me stronger and better. This has been an inspiration for this book to emerge. I felt the need to initiate a discussion the fraternity of educators the significance resilience in the field of education in present context. Gathering together multiple ideas on a concept creates a way to understand and appreciate which I have tried to do in this book. The range of teacher education is from primary to higher, student to parent and humanities to science therefore it is most suitable platform on which we can discuss about resilience and components involving it.

Resilience accounts to managing the everchanging situation so as to coordinate unavoidable changes having a positive impact on the individuals. In this book I have tried to expose the readers to the influence of resilience in the diverse aspects including academics , technology, personality. The experts in the field have put in their best to furnish maximum possible dimensions to resilience in academic situation. It also expresses the ideas how to empower pupil teachers regarding resilience. Different philosophies have proposed their own way of promoting resilience in this book the contributors have covered percepts from the Bhagvad Gita and also from the Islamic Philosophy.

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