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Use of Technology in Teaching and Learning English

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Dr. Sanjay N. Shende, Mr. S. Venkataramana, Dr. Aslam Sheikh, Dr. Premila Swamy D.



6.00 x 9.00


Nitya Publications, Bhopal



Use of Technology in Teaching and Learning English

399.00 319.00

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Teaching learning process is undergoing unseen and unimagined changes and modifications throughout the world. Once a process of exchange of ideas between teacher and learners with the supposed role of teacher as a powerhouse of knowledge, teaching, now has become just a process of facilitation with the intervention of technology. Technology is empowering students for problem solving, critical thinking and creativity in education.

With the changing passage of time, the learners have entered in the era of personalized learning. In other words, the learners have become autonomous in the sense that they can decide when, how and what to learn with their own time and pace of learning. With innovative instructional technology and overall use of ICT by teachers and students, learning is happening in different forms like collaborative learning, blended learning, virtual learning etc.

The research on impact of technology in learning has validated its positive results. Learners’ cooperation can be increased through technology. The use of computer technology helps teachers meet their learners’ educational needs. According to Bransford, Brown, and Cocking (2000), the application of computer technology enables teachers and learners to make local and global societies that connect them with the people and expand opportunities for their learning. But the positive effect of computer technology does not come automatically; it depends on how teachers use it in their language classrooms. The pandemic witnessed a paradigm shift in the teaching-learning process all over the world. Today Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL), Mobile Assisted Language Learning (MALL) Technology-enhanced language learning and teaching (TeLLT) are gaining momentum in every discipline and subject. The objective of this conference is to provide deliberation and discussion on effective use of technology for betterment of teaching-learning process. We welcome scholars to report their studies on various aspects of role of technology in teaching learning English language.

The present book entitled Use of Technology in Teaching and Learning English comprises eighteen research articles on various facets of integration of technology for teaching and learning English language. Some of the topics explored in this book, inter alia, are use of freewares for teaching learning English, advantages and challenges of virtual learning, challenges of using technology for rural learners, teaching literature by using technology, role of ICT in teaching learning process, problems of using digital technology, mobile assisted teaching learning, TED Ed tools, use of career applications etc.

All the contributors have explored the various facets of application of technology in teaching with special focus on ELT. We hope the book would prove helpful to researchers, teachers and students for understanding various dimensions of the use of technology in English language learning and teaching.

 Dr. Sanjay Shende

Chief Editor

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