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Changing Landscape : An Appraisal of Social and Socio-Physical Perspective

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Prabhat Bhattacharya, Sandip Tripathy, Dr. S. N. Goel





Nitya Publications, Bhopal



Changing Landscape : An Appraisal of Social and Socio-Physical Perspective

300.00 Original price was: ₹300.00.240.00Current price is: ₹240.00.

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Landscape is a most important thing of a place. The spontaneous change of the place related with the social and the physical structure of the space. Changing of the landscape also depends upon the physical, social and cultural aspects. From the ancient time to present time most of the landscape change happened due to demand of the people, changing life style and natural changing of place.

On the first chapter, has discussed about the life of slum-dwellers in the Meerut city. Those dwellers are struggling to live their life every now and then. They are deprived from the basic facilities of life such as education, health, drinking water, house, drainage system and so on. The numbers of per capita income do not provide them scope to be benefited from education. Most of the children suffering from mal nutrition and practicing of child laborer are very common among the children. Those children of the slums are basically deprived from the basic amenities like education and healthcare facilities. Most of the slum dwellers are generally came from the rural area surrounding of urban centers to get the better facility of life. Their holistic footprint built the slum ecology and changes the urban landscape of the Meerut city.

On the second chapter, the major impact of Indira Gandhi Canal upon the present landscape is the focus of the study here. The current landscape is a proof of drastic change of social, physical, ecological and cultural way due to the establishment of World’s longest Canal in Rajasthan. The arid and semi-arid part of areas are way to fertile land in terms of production in the scope of cereals, pulses etc.  Not only Physical environment, social character of local inhabitants including population, settlement, and economic livelihood also witnessed a drastic change. The desertification processes are now stopped almost fully and afforestation processes are now improved. Land use pattern, character of land, ground water recharging also changed a lot in a positive way.

At last, this book is the result of strenuous concerted and collaborative effort of authors, publishers and concerned people. At first we would like to thank all the people who extend their hands whenever needed. We are also indebted to Mr.Jaikaran singh for his extremely friendly nature and encouragement for publish this kind of book and we would also like to thank our teachers who helped a lot to make up whole research works. Eventually the book is for young readers and researchers, if they could find the book interesting and helpful that would be privileged for us.


Prabhat  Bhattacharya

Sandip Tripathy     

Dr. S. N. Goel


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