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Communication Skills An Attempt to Success for Beginners

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Ashvini Joshi





Nitya Publications, Bhopal



Communication Skills An Attempt to Success for Beginners

350.00 Original price was: ₹350.00.280.00Current price is: ₹280.00.

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Communication today is not at all like few decades ago. In present time, world demands efficient and useful transfer of information in the form of letters, talks, discussions, and many other written documents. Now a day’s language has turn out to be an important tool of socialization as well as, very much essential in business and jobs. Globalization is the staple of the modern civilization. Hence, to achieve the goal in all the desired fields of life on the national and international scene people have to be proficient in Linguistic Communication.

The idea of writing this book comes in my mind when I saw number of students who are not that much friendly and are not able to understand the English language. Moreover they don’t want to go through the textbook,  as according to them the books are too big in size and volume that they not even think to pick them up to study. This thing struck in my mind and I started writing the book especially for average and feeble students, keeping their mentality in mind. The main motto is to give short and simple language content to the students.

The major purpose of this book is to make available a sound foundation in communication theory for undergraduate students, and practitioners who are searching for a user-friendly language to achieve something in their life. With the lens of flexible inter-cultural communication, I want to offer inter-cultural material with a very practical theme.

The approach in this book is first to provide knowledge and understanding of communication as a skill, and then relate this knowledge to their everyday experiences and to become actively involved in developing their personal and professional communication competence. Writing this book is not just a motorized act of placing words in a proper sequence with correct grammar but an extremely personal interaction with the subject.

My aim has been to ensure flexibility and ongoing usability. The strength of this book lies in the way content and process are seamlessly intertwined, so that the various resources provided enable educators from a range of disciplines to adapt and use the workbook to meet up their students’ needs. This book brings together three different fields—academic skills, business communication and English grammar. It uses an integrated approach and hence, in many significant ways, this book is different from many other books on the similar subject.

I believe that this book will provide simple and lucid language and the resources that students may not previously have had access to in one format. As it is the first edition, the possibility of errors and omissions is difficult to rule out. Suggestions for further improvement of the book are welcome and shall be gratefully acknowledged.

Some prominent features of the book are as follows:

  • Ample coverage of all the topics essential for communication skills.
  • User-friendly language.
  • Practical tips on vocabulary and grammar.
  • Tables and diagrams to show the text.
  • Short and to the point language to understand clearly.
  • Compiles the syllabus of Engineering, Pharmacy, Agriculture, Architecture, Polytechnic, Law and Management.

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