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Communication Strategies

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Dr. Pragya Sharma





Nitya Publications, Bhopal



Communication Strategies

350.00 Original price was: ₹350.00.280.00Current price is: ₹280.00.

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Today’s youth faces a dual challenge of being competitive as well as global. They not only have to master in their professional skills but also, they must have various soft skills essential for the job market. In today’s date as the job market is growing in terms of volume but there is shortage in terms of number of professionals passing out of the college. The students who pass out their degree must possess the multi dimensional qualities. Hence, keeping in view the requirement of the professional market it was understood that the students need to be master in Soft skills too. One of the most chief tools for good soft skills is Communication skills. As communication skills play a pivotal role to reach heights in one’s career. Hence, it was felt a dire need to restructure the English language curriculum to foster professional needs.

Communication skill is the most dominant skills. Communication skills help a student to develop Confidence, smartness and outward skills. This textbook has been designed with activities arranged in a progressive manner to make learning language easy, linear and application based. All the modules discussed in the curriculum are highly essential designed keeping in mind the need of the students and their future requirements.

The textbook is organized into 6 units focusing on strengthening student’s concepts of language through a series of activities to develop grammatical applications, vocabulary, listening, and reading, writing and speaking skills. The highlight of this book is not to make room for memorization or rote learning. Moreover, most of the activities are designed with the core content. The objective is now, therefore, to reinforce the communication skills in English by providing adequate opportunities to practice.

As there is ample scope for the students to practice language, incarnate the rules of English and using it in real life contexts shall be possible. Learner autonomy has been built into the activities which can provide hands on experience in using the language and thus “learning by doing”.

Dr Pragya Sharma

Double MA, M.Ed. MBA, Double Ph.D.

Email : drpragyabpl@gmail.com

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