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Creating an Inclusive School

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Dr. Raju Sha, Dr. Md. Masudel Hossain, Dr. Probir Halder, Dr. Rajib Mondal



6.38 x 9.02


Nitya Publications, Bhopal



Creating an Inclusive School

499.00 399.00

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An inclusive school tries to meet the personalized learning needs of individual students by attempting to minimize barriers to participation. In an inclusive education system, all children are welcomed and educated, irrespective of gender, skills, financial standing, color, or religious views.

The following essential elements underpin inclusive education:

  1. Belief in the ability of all children to learn.
  2. The right to education is at the heart of inclusive education.
  3. With adequate support measures, regular school institutions are expected to educate all learners.
  4. Education system must adapt to reach all students, resulting in increased excellence.
  5. The process is iterative and must include children, their caregivers, educators, and other staff members, the education system, and the surrounding community.

Today’s teacher faces a more difficult task than ever before in satisfying these various requirements with awareness and skill. This guidebook has been prepared to assist the teacher in this pursuit, so that he or she can use suitable ways to encourage, learn, and promote diversity. This book will provide opportunities for teachers and solutions to improve them address disparities by recognizing their unique talents, planning lessons correspondingly, using instructional strategies, and, most interestingly, learning how to communicate with colleagues, family caregivers, and community workers to help teachers provide top-notch outcomes for all students. . This Book covers the following five modules in detail: –

  1. Introduction to inclusive Education
  2. Legal and policy perspectives
  3. Defining learners with special needs
  4. Inclusion in operations
  5. Teacher preparation for inclusive school

The modules have been created in such a way that they will cause you to ponder on your own and with your coworkers. Each module provides opportunities for self-reflection by giving exercises that encourage you to reflect on the topics covered. We hope that you will come across this information to be helpful.

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