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DECIPHERING CONSUMER MINDS : Insights from Neuromarketing

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D. Maria Nirmal Preethi





Nitya Publications, Bhopal



DECIPHERING CONSUMER MINDS : Insights from Neuromarketing

300.00 Original price was: ₹300.00.240.00Current price is: ₹240.00.

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As we stand on the brink of a new horizon in marketing, this book acts as a compass, guiding us through the uncharted territories of the human mind with a promise of discovery that transcends mere transactional relationships, and ventures into the realm of genuine human connection. This book is crafted for professionals who seek to navigate the complex interplay between the cognitive functions of the brain and the dynamics of the market.

The text delves into the ethical considerations inherent in neuromarketing research, advocating for a balanced approach that respects consumer privacy while unlocking deeper insights into consumer preferences and decisions. Through rigorous analysis, case studies, and empirical data, “Deciphering Consumer Minds” equips readers with the tools necessary to implement neuromarketing strategies effectively, ensuring they are both ethically sound and commercially successful.

This book serves as an introduction to the rich dialogue between neuroscience and marketing that the book presents. It emphasizes the importance of understanding the neurological underpinnings of consumer choices and the ethical landscape that professionals must navigate. As such, this work is an indispensable resource for marketers, researchers, and business leaders dedicated to fostering a deeper connection with their audience, grounded in respect and informed by the latest scientific insights.

We invite readers to engage with this material, prepared to challenge their preconceptions and to embrace a new perspective on consumer behaviour. “Deciphering Consumer Minds” is not merely a guide to neuromarketing; it is a manifesto for the future of marketing practice, where success is measured not only in sales but in the ability to genuinely understand and meet the needs of the consumer.

Welcome to a journey that transcends conventional marketing, paving the way for a future where the fusion of science and strategy opens new avenues for understanding and innovation.

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