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Emerging Trends in Information Technology

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Dr. Mohammad Faisal, Dr. Tasneem Ahmed, Ms. Nashra Javed



6.38 x 9.02


Nitya Publications, Bhopal



Emerging Trends in Information Technology

499.00 399.00

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The past decade has witnessed a leap in technological advancements around the world. There is significant progress across a broad spectrum of technologies. Adapting to these avant-garde technologies calls for a better understanding of how we are all set to embrace technological change. It is now crucial to learn about new generations of technology and research. In an increasingly globalized society developing innovations and best practices for promoting research on a worldwide scale is necessary. With this aim, the Department of Computer Application with the Faculty of Law, Integral University organized the International Conference on the topic Emerging Trends and Its Impacts on Law, which has served as a key milestone in integrating research from around the world. 

This handbook of research brings forth the recent advancements in technology and how it has impacted the law domain that has transformed the way we live and work. Featuring a wide variety of topics in all twenty-five chapters where it enfolds recent studies in Blockchain, Cyber Security, Image processing, Machine Learning, the Internet of Things, and Cloud Computing. There is a significant renewed interest in each of these fields that accurately contributes to society for quality education. In addition, this book explores the vital role executed by these technologies in a variety of applications as diverse as digital security, healthcare, e-commerce, agriculture, digital currency, etc. This book presents high-quality content that can be used to meet global needs. It is the ideal combination of IT and Law which will enable one to have an insight into the advancements of the digital world. The knowledge imparted through this will be advantageous for young researchers inclined toward cutting-edge newfangled technology. In consideration of publishing this book, the authors achieve skills with great brilliance.

During this pandemic, there is a need to learn new strategies to combat and manage such unpredictable diseases that have the potential to kill millions of people. Although technology cannot prevent pandemics from occurring, it may assist in preventing their spread by educating, warning, and empowering persons on the ground to be aware of the situation, thereby significantly reducing their impact. The ICT industry is playing a key part in this journey as countries throughout the world do their utmost to combat the pandemic. This book disseminates Computer (IT) knowledge among the readers by enhancing and grooming their skills, both theoretically and practically. It makes its way forward to a competitive future in the long run. This book is providing the best knowledge about the technological impact on the law as it infuses the dexterities of two different disciplines. We hope that after reading this book, students, researchers and academicians will delve into new frontiers of strategy making, organizational development, and innovation in all aspects of academic institutions.

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