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ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT (IV th Semester B.Com under CUCBCSS, Calicut University 2023-2024)

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Dr S. Jayadev , Dr. Salini K., Anjali Balan Kolathappilly, Cibiny V P





Nitya Publications Bhopal



ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT (IV th Semester B.Com under CUCBCSS, Calicut University 2023-2024)

300.00 240.00

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Entrepreneurship development (A Students Handbook or Reference book) has been written to provide basic and fundamental information about Entrepreneurship for the students of B.COM, BBA, MCOM, MBA. The authors have tried to prepared this book unique manner and simples languages for IV th Semester B.Com under CBCSS, Calicut University. The book has been prepared as per the syllabus of Calicut University of UG Course. The main motto of the preparation of book is to provide relevant information compiling in simple and interesting way. Matter of book is easily understood by students and it is useful to students, academicians. This book is also helpful in various examinations including Annual board and other competitive exams. It is hoped that writing style of book will encourage the use of book. In this book the basics of entrepreneurship, MSME, SSI, Registration or formation of MSME and SSI, Project Report Preparation.

Each point under subtitle has been writing separate bullet and important point has been bolded for easily revision by students. The authors will be invites any kind of constructive suggestions, addition, alteration and correction from reader for any error that may remain in text to improve the book in future. The authors expresses their sincere gratitude to our colleagues, students, institutions family , who inspired us to write the book. The author are expresses sincere thanks to publisher for wonderful interest the matter. The authors are thankful to all our family members and friends for valuable advices and encouragement.

We hope that this book will be of immense use to the students as well as the teachers.

Constructive suggestions for improvements from readers are welcome.

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