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Foundation Engineering

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Dr. R. Dharmaraj, Dr. J. Thivya, Dr. J. Vijayaraghavan



6.38 x 9.02


Nitya Publications, Bhopal



Foundation Engineering

599.00 479.00

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We are immensely pleasured to bring out this book Foundation Engineering for Civil Engineering students. This test has been formed in a crisp and clear style to enable the students in understanding the concepts and solved problems. This book is based on the syllabus of 5th semester Civil Engineering students of all engineering colleges affiliated to Anna University.

In this volume, contents have been presented in five units. In unit I, site investigation of selection of foundation and its methods of exploration, sampling methods in selection of foundation, data interpretation and strength parameters of bore log report are discussed in details.

Unit II has an in depth dealing of shallow foundation, codal provisions, bearing capacity of shallow foundation, settlement of foundations and methods of minimizing total and differential settlements.

Unit III elaborately deals with the footing and its types, contact pressure and settlement distribution, minimum thickness for rigid behaviour and applications.

Types of piles and their functions, static and dynamic formulae, negative skin friction, group capacity by different methods and settlements of pile groups are elaborately dealt in Unit IV.

Unit V has an in depth dealing of retaining walls, plastic equilibrium in soils, rankine’s theory and coloumb’s wedge theory, earth pressure on retaining walls and stability analysis of retaining walls are discussed in details.

Each unit contains two mark questions and answers, review questions are added at the end of each units of this book to enable the students to score high marks. With these features, we sincerely hope that this book would serve as a valuable text for the students.

During the preparation of this book many papers and books have been referred. The authors acknowledge all the individuals whose papers and books have been referred. We expect to receive suggestions from the readers both from faculty as well as students for the improvement of the book, which will be highly appreciated. Finally, we thank our family members for their patience and encouragement.

Dr. R. Dharmaraj

Dr. J. Thivya

Dr. J. Vijayaraghavan

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