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Fundamentals of Data Structures

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Dr. Neeta N. Thune, Dr. R. Senthamil Selvi, Ms. Iswarya G, Ms. Ranjani.S



6.00 x 9.00


Nitya Publications, Bhopal



Fundamentals of Data Structures

399.00 319.00

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Data Means a piece of information, it can be anything which needs calculations, storage and processing. For Example, student’s information like name, roll_no, marks or Employee information like salary, Date of birth etc. Data is important now a days, as the growing demand in the Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning.

Data structures is the way of organizing data in the computer memory in such a way that we can performs operations on the data. Data structures almost used in every program and software’s. Day by day applications are getting complex and dependencies on data are increasing which causes problems like data search, processor speed, and multiple requests, to solve these problems data structures can be one of the solutions.

It allows us to manage the data in proper manner so that it can easily available for any other applications. It serves as the basis for the Abstract Data Types ADT.

Depending on the applications different types of data structures available like hashing is used for the compiler design and Binary tree is used in relational databases. Large amount of data can be easily manageable by Data Structures.

This book will give you a great understanding on Data Structures needed to understand the complexity of enterprise level applications and need of algorithms, and data structures.

While writing this book, the author had in her mind that the graduate engineers will become application developers of tomorrow. This book intended to be as text book for the students those who wants to pursue their careers in the data structures. This book helps you find the data structure which suits to user’s applications.

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