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Genetics, Phytochemicals and Skin Cancer

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Dr Anjali Bhargava, Dr Reena Upadhyaya





Nitya Publications



Genetics, Phytochemicals and Skin Cancer

250.00 Original price was: ₹ price is: ₹200.00.

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it fails, the Cell death (apoptosis) occurs, in Case of loss of P53, DNA damage will lead to tumour formation.

Recently Dr. Mahalaxmi of IISER Bhopal has found the main cause of Cancer that is Gate way Protein of Human cells, This Protein decides that New Cells form or Old Cells become dead, when this Protein is defected then it does not work properly and it stops functioning and either cells are not killed or Healthy cells are dead and when cells are not dead, then Cancer arises in Human body

According to the World Health Organization ”A medicinal Plant is any plants in one or more of its Organ/parts contain substances that can be used for therapeutic purpose are precursor for Chemo-Pharmaceutical Synthesis”

The Medicinal plants are used in Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic agricultural, Herbal Medicines. On the basis of research study, it has been Proven that, these Medicinal plants contain various phytochemicals which are having free radicals scavenging capacity in our bodies And to boost Our Immune System Due to this, Medicinal plants are used for treating various types of diseases.

Such as Catharanthus roseus (Vincia rosea) L plant contain phytochemcals-Vincristine, Vimbalastine used for treating of Cancerous patients for Chemotherapy Method.

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