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Manual on Advanced Diagnostic Procedures in Toxicopathology

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Anushri Tiwarim, Prateek Mishra





Nitya Publications, Bhopal



Manual on Advanced Diagnostic Procedures in Toxicopathology

200.00 160.00

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This book covers the advanced diagnostic techniques in toxicological analysis enable measuring and analyzing a large number of analytes with a focus on xenobiotics with a high degree of sensitivity and selectivity alongwith a reduction in the time it takes to diagnose toxicological compounds, even those found in minute amounts.

Modern forensic toxicology tests rely heavily on instrumental approaches. The most recent applications of modern technology for toxicant analysis in biological fluids and tissues are presented in this book. Methodological theory descriptions must be concise and must focus on emerging tools that address current analytical limits. The purpose of this literature is to increase our technological capabilities and to promote the use of these analytical techniques in forensic toxicology.

The techniques presented in this literature have simplified the diagnosis of poisoning involving veterolegal cases. The book will also aid veterinary scholars in comprehending these complex and novel approaches, which necessitate much practice and cautious handling.

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