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Marketing Management

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Dr. Dhyana Sharon Ross, Dr Umesh U, Sruthi S, Gourab Das, Dr. S. Karthik





Nitya Publications, Bhopal



Marketing Management

350.00 Original price was: ₹350.00.280.00Current price is: ₹280.00.

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We realize that this book will create and provide the targeted readers with an ocean of knowledge about various areas and aspects of marketing and will attract the readers who being the end customers and are in the habit of knowing about the whole working and process of marketing. We feel obliged to share my knowledge, analyses, and conclusions. Hopefully, this will raise the level of awareness among the general public and initiate the discussion that, in turn, may entail major changes, as well as change the views of the readers about the operations of marketing.

One of the important features of this book is that it does have a textbook structure where the chapters, in order to be understood, need to be read in the sequence given. In fact, readers have to start the journey from the very first chapter which is based on their interests, tastes, and preferences and in order to understand the whole concept and operation of marketing. The book comprises of five Titles. Title 1 introduces to marketing and marketing management with respect to its small micro and macro concepts. Title 2 introduces to product and pricing decisions as to how exactly the product is formed and provided to it send consumers and also as to how the product price is set and what are the factors that make up and affect the price of the product. Title 3 introduces to the distribution channel which transports the product to its end users and links the company with its customers and also it introduces to the promotion mix which introduces to the ways how the product is promoted and kinds of promotion. Title 4 introduces the marketing research as to how the whole research is conducted and also to the marketing research process. Title 5 introduces to historical and modern issues and developments in marketing.

We hope this book is widely read and the knowledge is widely shared and discussed among the readers and leads to the spread of knowledge of the whole concept of marketing in the world of marketing management.

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