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Nutritional Status Of Children In Their Early Childhood

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Dr. Syed Najmul Ain,  Dr. Mohsina Mukhtar, Dr. Ruqia Quansar





Nitya Publications, Bhopal



Nutritional Status Of Children In Their Early Childhood

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A child is fortunate in the sense that everybody around him loves him, cares for him and cuddles him. But this is the ideal situation. Not all children are so fortunate. Some are deprived. Deprivation of food, clothes, shelter, love, care, warmth and many more things is the fortune of a number of children worldwide. The most basic necessity of a human being is food. And many children are starving or eating the left overs of other people. In this world of disparity, some are trying to help and assist those in need. My idea of writing this book is just a small attempt of creating awareness about the importance of nutrition in children, the assessment methods of nutritional status, nutritional status of vulnerable children. These children of today will be our future and the base of our future must be strong. If I am not able to reach a child in need, I’ll try to bring awareness about the cause. The book will also be of academic help to the students interested in the subject.

The unwavering support, guidance, advice of my near and dear ones has motivated me to be focused in writing this book.

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