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Postmenopausal Life (A Natural But Neglected Phase of A Woman's Life)

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Dr. Mohsina Mukhtar, Dr. Ruqia Quansar, Dr. Syed Najmul Ain





Nitya Publications, Bhopal



Postmenopausal Life (A Natural But Neglected Phase of A Woman's Life)

250.00 200.00

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Traditionally called the weaker sex, women are anything but that when we have a closer look. They are faced with so many challenges in their lives, biologically and socially, starting from the monthly menstrual cycles, the pregnancy, and the lactation phase with sleepless nights, and last but not the least the menopausal phase, not to mention the gender discrimination by society at large. All these are taxing, physically as well as mentally for women, but they have been facing each with commendable fortitude. Not only does a woman overcome all these challenges, but she also takes care of her family and nourishes it in all times.

Biologically, a rather later phase in a woman’s life is the menopausal phase. It could be called the last major biological change but it surely is not the end of her life as it is sometimes made to be. She nourishes her family all through her life, she needs to be nourished in this phase of her life. She may feel deprived and helpless but she needs a helping hand, a reassurance that she can overcome it.

Women in most of the parts of the world have a low quality of life during this stage. She’s usually not aware of what is happening to her body. Most women only know that the menstrual cycles will stop but they don’t know that it’s going to change their life to a great extent. This book is for them. It’s for their families. My motive is to create awareness among these women so that they are prepared and they can take care of themselves in this difficult phase of their life.

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