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Reflections at Dusk

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Shivendra Kumar Dasgupta





Nitya Publications, Bhopal



Reflections at Dusk

150.00 Original price was: ₹ price is: ₹120.00.

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The author is ceaselessly exploring his hidden talents even after past eighty, and why not after all he is an engineer by qualification, a doctor by passion and a musician by obsession. Being a multi talent he has many experiences to share. This has perhaps transpired him to write.

He is always inspired by the persons who do their jobs with utmost skill and perfection. Be it a skill of a carpenter, or a black smith, or a sweetmeat man( halwai), or a folk musician, or a snake charmer, or a street magician. He won’t hesitate overlooking his own important things while taking deep interest in vocational activities of others.

He learned classical instrumental music (Sarod) side by side of his engineering studies. Later on became an A-grade artiste of AIR/DD and performed in top class programmes. He also took keen interest in Homoeopathic system of medicines while serving in state owned engineering organisation BHEL . So much so he virtually gave up his engineering career for the sake of Homoeopathy. Today he is one of the leading Homoeopathic physicians of the town.

Both of his daughters are skilled and established writers. But he will discourage them and ask them not to waste time in writing. It is shear irony that today he himself is writing compositions and articles in Bengali, Hindi and English. Present collections of his writings bear the testimony of his writing skill.

Compositions in Hindi, English and Bengali languages have been segregated. In Bengali section there are only three compositions namely Maar Kahini, means story of my mother, which enumerates various facets of her life right from her childhood to her last day, highlighting her sacrifices, contributions, facing social problems and upbringing children. Whereas Chhoto Pakhi is an imaginary dual between a little lad and a little bird, comparing birds social life and their habits vis-a-vis human habits. Mon Keno Machhi is a poem that describes the state of restlessness of mind and its desire for anchoring with Him. Its English version is poem no. 6, Oh, my mind why become a fly.

Brief descriptions are provided for his poems and articles reflect his emotions behind them. It will be in the right spirit if a few words are expressed to highlight the poems and articles presented here in Hindi and English both. Kali Khili is regarding the birth of his elder granddaughter especially when the author was passing through a melancholic period due to sudden demise of his wife in a tragic road accident.

Stuties of Mahavtar Babaji, Yogavtar Lahiri Mahashaya, Gyanavtar shri Yukteshwarji, and author’s beloved Guru Premavtar Sri Paramhansa Yoganandji are included for the sake of spiritual reverence. However poetries in English are included mostly due to philosophic reasons and personal adorations.

Inclusion of articles in Hindi and English are based on Therapeutic and Philosophic circumstances. In Hindi, Manasik tanao/ Dushchinta encompasses manifestations, reasons and how to prevent the mental tension. Chronic diseases in the perspective of Homoeopathy and Yoga explains the comparison of therapeutic effects of Homoeopathy and Yoga on health and disease.

Last but not the least, this booklet is meant for circulation amongst a small group of friends and relatives. It is author’s earnest desire to accomplish a quick circulation among his near and dears so that they may be acquainted with his writing skill.


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