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Dr. P. Sunil Gavaskar, Dr. R. Sugumar





Nitya Publications, Bhopal




400.00 Original price was: ₹400.00.320.00Current price is: ₹320.00.

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Who’s this book for.,

The role of Software Engineer involves building software, then this book is provided such core ideas. Newer people in the industry will benefit more from this book by understanding   principles to focus on to build and maintain software for longer need in the industry. This book, Farley offers a solid framework to connect well-known and good practitioners approaches for  such as Test Driven Development (TDD), Continuous Delivery (CD), and core ideas of software engineering. For others this book is benefit from by learning a bit more about the history of software development and ideas of engineering in the software world.

It is reviewed and identified that the book accessible and easy to read, with many anecdotes, stories and references for further reading material or some innovative ideas prior to work with  better software research. Here are a few points I want to also highlight in this book review that guide to better software development.

  • This book Farley defines software engineering world as “the application of an empirical, scientific approach to finding efficient, economic solutions to practical problems of theoretical ideas in software industry.” You’ll note be  described engineering as the stereotype many people think of project planners, documentation, big upfront design. By the content of this book, you’ll appreciate how Farley calls out the difference between the product design and manufacturing phases. The software engineers spend most of their time in the former rather than the latter. If you view software development as a manufacturing problem, then it’s natural to assume and learn about to manufacturing processes apply. Apart from that you see software development as a stream of continuous product design, then it naturally leads to two critical drivers for modern software engineering that are optimize for learning and managing complexity in the process of software Development.
  • People Fair to be worked in technology to enhance as long as they have the concrete practices and principles are not new. However, these ideas grouped into categories provided a simple framing to help others and more about software engineering. Most of people focus too much on learning the specifics of a technology or approach, and these concepts provided a engineers approaches of software and is truly important to focus on development.

On behalf of this book ‘one of terms we also debated Building Evolutionary Architectures, and also debated was how to phrase our recommended approach to coupling. Focus also  on the  idea of cohesion and coupling, finally a system that has goal reality is to find an  appropriate level of  subjective testing approaches,

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