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Understanding Disciplines and Subjects

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Sayani Dasgupta, Dr. Payel Roy, Dr. Pranati Mistry, Dr. Rajib Mondal



6.38 x 9.02


Nitya Publications, Bhopal



Understanding Disciplines and Subjects

300.00 240.00

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      This book UNDERSTANDING DISCIPLINES AND SUBJECTS is the outcome of various efforts conducted by  1. Sayani Dasgupta 2. Dr. Payel Roy 3. Dr. Pranati Mistry  4. Dr. Rajib Mondal authors. This book contains some university and thorough knowledge on the concept of disciplines and their subjects. The subject matter of the book can be consider as a core text for use in courses in universities, colleges and other educational institutions. It depicts some basic concepts of disciplines. Some chapters require a basic understanding of discipline, but no prior knowledge is necessary. We do assume that all readers are studying for teaching or pursuing B.Ed. We appreciate that some readers may become specialists in particular areas of teaching like principals or special educator, but we take the approach that a general knowledge of the fundamentals of the whole field is an essential pre-requisite to further specialization.

      Although students can look on references for further reading but hopefully this book will satisfy their needs. Chapters are very detailed and full of facts, which encourages students to achieve their goals towards the career. The book contains Five Units. In Unit one to Five discuss about the nature and concept of disciplinary knowledge and curriculum. In mid-section, the unit deals with relationship between disciplines and subject, which also points the emergence of various subjects from different disciplines.

      It also points the various aspects of practical knowledge, co-curricular activity knowledge and community knowledge. The authores are greatful for all those who have helped us in writing this book.

Sayani Dasgupta

Dr. Payel Roy

Dr. Pranati Mistry

Dr. Rajib Mondal

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