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Web Technology and Its Applications

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Prof. Pundalik Chavan, Prof. Husna Tabassum





Nitya Publications, Bhopal



Web Technology and Its Applications

300.00 Original price was: ₹300.00.240.00Current price is: ₹240.00.

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This book embodies a distillation of topics that we, as educators, have frequently covered in the past two decades in various undergraduate courses related to Web Technology and its applications in VTU, Belgaum. This book can also serve the purpose of material for a more advanced levelwhere the reader is exposed to alternate and more contemporary computational frameworks that are becoming common and more suitable. Web development is an evolving amalgamation of languages that work in concert to receive, modify, and deliver information between parties using the Internet as a mechanismof delivery. While it is easy to describe conceptually, implementation is accompanied by anoverwhelming variety of languages, platforms, templates, frameworks, guidelines, and standards. This text provides the developer with an understanding of the various elements of webdevelopment by focusing on the concepts and fundamentals through the examples within, providing a foundation that allows easier transition to other languages and a better understanding of how to approach their work. What motivated us to write another book on algorithms are the several important and subtle changes in the understanding of many computational paradigms and the relative importance of techniques emerging out of some spectacular discoveries and changing technologies. As teachers and mentors, it is our responsibility to inculcate the right focus in the younger generation so that they continue to enjoy this intellectually critical activity and contribute to the enhancement of the field of study.

Pundalik Chavan

Husna Tabassum

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