A Garden of Blossomed Flowers ( Part 2 )


Writer : Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar

Edition : 1

Pager Size : 5.83×8.27

No. of Pages : 179

ISBN : 978.93.93694.85.0

Format : Paperback


A Garden of Blossomed Flowers’ is a book of joyous and sympathetic poems. The poems create an arousing painful sense of sadness with a sudden feeling of excitement and pleasure. The collection of poems presented consisting of 450 different pieces from my self-published book for translation in Hindi. This book contains prayer, festival, house, journey, meditation, nature, relation, religion, health, beautiful life, sadness, pleasure, sweet memory, environment, fragrance of morning & evening, emotions, gloominess, tree, river, bird, village, pain & gain, food, peace of mind, melody of love, dream, culture, rain, river, education etc. The poems in this book are interesting and the outpourings of the heart. The poems create an everlasting impression for the reader. I hope that the readers will try their level best to reap the fullest advantage of the rhythms of life.


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