A Hand Book of Pharmaceutics-1


Writers :Dr. K. Kranthi Kumar,Dr. L. Srinivas,Dr. Vema Kiran,Dr. Balagani Pavan Kumar

Edition : 1

Pager Size : 8X10

No. of Pages :255

ISBN :978-93-91669-47-8

Format : Paperback & ebook

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The basis for this text book originally stemmed from my passion for developing better methods prevention of diseases and novel methods in treatment of various diseases. As the world moves into the digital age, generating vast amount of data and born digital content, there will be a greater need to access legacy material created with outdated technology. It is my passion to not only find out, but to develop tools to break down barriers of accessibility for future generation. In truth, I could not have achieved my current level of success without a strong support group. First of all, my parents, who supported me with love and understanding. And secondly, my committee members, each of whom has provided patient advice and guidance throughout the research process. Thank you all for your unwavering support.

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