A Handbook of English Language Trainers


Editors;  : Dr. Ketan B. Parmar

Edition : 1

Book Size :: 6*9 

Pages : 95

ISBN : : 978-81-937144-7-8

 Format : Paperback & Ebook



The participatory approach to language learning fosters the use of appropriate,
positive learning strategies. Now a day’s communicative language teaching and
learning has become a salient feature in ESL contexts across many countries.
And the adult learners, especially in the target language situation directly benefit
from the use of communicative skills. In second language learning, good
language learners employ a variety of strategies to improve their communicative
ability. From the practical perspectives speaking is one of the most important
aspects in dealing with communication skills, particularly in second or foreign
language situation, as they enhance learners’ confidence and fluency. The
participatory approach implicitly encourages learners to take greater
responsibility for their own learning and to use a wide range of language learning