A Practical book of Pharmaceutics for D.Pharm First year. (As per PCI Syllabus)


Writers :Dr. Neeta Rai, Mrs. Nisha Thakre, Dr. Om Bagade, Dr. Swati Mutha, Mrs. Amrita Thakur

Edition : 1

Pager Size : 6.5X9

No. of Pages :132

ISBN :978-93-93694-30-0

Format : Paperback & ebook

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This book is genuine efforts to clarify the basics of Pharmaceutical formulations and dispensing in an interesting manner and as per revised syllabus prescribed by Pharmacy Council of India for the students of D. Pharm first semester.

There is proper accord of formulation principals, procedures, labelling directions, and usage and evaluation parameters

We are convinced that this book will guide and thereby lay a very strong foundation in Pharmaceutics not only for Diploma students but will also serve as a resource material for in-house training for technical personnel working in the Pharmaceutical Industries.

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