Being a Girl Child Difficult The Most


Editors   : Aastha Marwada 

Edition : 1

Pager Size : A5

No. of Pages : 98

ISBN:  978-93-90390-31-1

Format : Paperback Ebook



Life is like a tire of cycle. Sometimes it reached us on top level of the happiness and sometimes it’s looking so much worse due to many reasons …. Making balance on this kind of up and down motions are very much difficult for anyone because all have emotions of their own and made control on emotions and react normal is not a easy task for everyone , but I know the person who can do this easily i.e. a female . I gave the example of a female because she has that kind of ability to make others life balanced for happiness …and on the earth except females none have that kind of ability… a life of a female on earth consists many phases.Those phases are known by everyone but, the pain and struggle of that phases are not known by everyone because none can feel as like it.


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