Concise Textbook of Practical Pathology (Including Practicals in Ayurveda)


Author : Dr. Vandana Thakur Dr. Neha Barua

Edition : 1

Size : 5*8 in

Pages : 163

ISBN: 978-93-90390-08-3

Format : Paper Back



There have been many improvements in the field of laboratory
science. With the help of new tools and techniques we are now
able to perform various investigations related to Hematology,
Biochemistry, Serology, Microbiology and many more. In Ayurveda,
however, our ancient texts quote many of such laboratory
investigations with their specific methods. There are references
of shuddha-ashuddha rakta pareeksha, tail bindu mootra
pareeksha, mala pareeksha, shukra pareeksha etc. In this book,
an effort has been made by us to incorporate modern laboratory
practicals along with their counter-part pareekshas mentioned in
Ayurveda. The book is designed as per the syllabus mentioned by
CCIM for B.A.M.S. students.


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