Data Mining : A Future Scope


Editors :  Dr. Ravisankar Malladi, Dr. T. Santhi Sri, Dr. S. Kuzhaloli, Dr. P. Vijayakumar

Edition : 1

Pager Size : 6*9        

No. of Pages : 244

ISBN:   978-93-90390-99-1

Format : Paperback Ebook



The goal of data mining is to obtain relevant data from a large data set. Because of the advances in camera IT, and high-performance computing, a vast amount of knowledge is accessible in a broad variety of science disciplines. Not only are these data sets incredibly wide but they are often quite complicated to be represented in terabytes and petabytes. The whole complexity occurs as the data is generated by various sensors at varying intervals, wavelengths, or resolutions. In reality, the awareness is typically interpreted or meshed and has both a spatial and a temporal aspect often. This array of data is generated in different fields, including astronomy, medical imaging, remote sensing, non-destructive analysis, physics, the science of materials & bioinformatics.


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