Data Structures Using – C


Editors: : Mrs. KANDE ARCHANA   , Dr. ANANTHA RAMAN G R ,Edition : 1

Book Size :  5*8        

Pages : 230

ISBN : :978-81-943432-2-6

 Format : Paperback & Ebook



Data Structure is an essential part of any computer system. Similarly, a course on Data
Structure is main role of any computer-science education.
We are introducing in this book different types of data structures such as Linear and
Non-Linear data structures. In Linear data structures we are exploring basic data
structures such as stacks and queues and Linked-List. Where as in Non-Linear data
structures we are introducing and implementing of the trees like Binary search trees,
AVL trees, Red-Black and Splay trees. And also exploring the knowledge of graphs
and sorting techniques.


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