Energy Assessment in Groundnut


Editors: Dr. Diksha Srivastava , Dr. A N Mathur

Book Size :  6*9        

Pages : 141

ISBN :  78-81-9943432-1-9

 Format : Paperback & Ebook



To know the extent of energy being wasted it is essential to know the amount
of energy being consumed. The first step of any energy conservation
programme in industry is the continuous monitoring energy of utilization,
relating to the production and then improving energy efficiency which can be
improved by three different approaches as follow:

  • Energy savings by management
  • Energy saving by technology
  • Energy saving by policies/regulations

These approaches are perfectly executed by energy assessment, which gives
clear idea to minimize cost of production and maximize profit within rules
and regulations. In India plenty of biomass is available. The renewable source
of energy based on biomass was utilized to supply world’s 14 per cent of
energy supply.


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