Ensuring Food Security in India


Author  :  Dr. Lalita K. Sharma

Edition : 1

Book Size : A5

No. of Pages : 184

ISBN: 978-93-91257-39-2

Format : Paperback Ebook



Food security is a problem throughout the world. Food security has been a major concern in India. According to UN-India, there are nearly 195 million undernourished people in India, which is a quarter of the world’s hunger burden. India ranks 74 out of 113 major countries in terms of food security index. Though the available nutritional standard is 100% of the requirement, India lags far behind in terms of quality protein intake at 20% which needs to be tackled by making available protein-rich food products such as eggs, meat, fish, chicken, etc. at affordable prices. However, food problem is more widespread in countries with weak states and institutions; where citizens have little opportunity to exercise influence over their own lives.


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