Fundamentals of Personality


Writer : Raj Raizada

Edition : 1

Pager Size : A5

No. of Pages : 105

ISBN :  978-93-91669-88-1

Format : Paperback & eBook

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Hey guy’s, hope you are doing well, if not, maybe this book can help you out to do so. The very first thing towards which I wanna direct your attention is the value of personality.

Personality refers to the overall value and quality of an individual. It is the reflection of your inner self. It has two aspects, internal and external.

Internal or psychological aspects of personality which can also be called as “character” contains self-belief, self-esteem, self-discipline, courage, honesty, habits, gratitude, etc.

External or physical aspects of personality contain health and fitness, grooming, etiquettes, communication skills, public speaking skills, etc.

Personality plays a crucial role in all the major aspects of your life. From societies to corporations, job interviews to relationship building, it matters everywhere. Even after holding that much value, there are no proper training programs in most of the schools of India for the personality development of students. Some students recognize its value and learn from outside references but my vision is to establish proper training programs of personality development in the schools so that students don’t bother to go outside for this basic purpose. This book will act as a guide for students to develop their basic personality aspects. Let’s get started.


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