Inspiration & Motivational Short Stories for Your Success (Part II)


Editors: CA. Gonugunta Murali ,B.Com., MFM, DISA, IFRS, FAFD, Cert. GST, Reg. IP &
Reg.Valuer (IBBI) , Hyderabad, Telangana

 Edition : 1

Book Size : 5*8

Pages  80

 ISBN: 978-81-945504-4-0

 Format : Paperback & Ebook


I have observed most of my friends & colleagues discussing their ideas
and want to do business or start startups but due to some circumstances
or lack of taking risk or lack of confident on their ideas, they are working
as employees without much satisfaction. Most of MNC employees, they
have some ideal time or enjoy mood on Friday with various reason either
weekend mood etc. So I started sending one motivation / inspiration
success stories through email to all my friends on every Friday. That is
one of main reason to put this book name as “Friday mail. I always say to
my friends & colleagues, failure are not permanent. If you work hard,
success will follow “U” instead of you will follow success.