Internet of Things (For Engineering Students)


Editors   : Dr. Jaikaran Singh , Dr. Kalpana rai , Dr. rajesh kumar rai

Edition : 1

Pager Size : 6*9                     

No. of Pages : 158

ISBN: 978-93-90390-52-6

Format : Paperback Ebook



The Internet of things (IoT) model aims to render “stuff” in an internet environment like individual electronic equipment or home appliances, such as medical devices, fridges, cameras, and sensors. We have made quite some effort to consider and to respond to the problems emerging from linked devices through our research as experts of the Internet of Things in the past decades. A variety of problems must be faced and adequate philosophical and technical approaches must be created to realize the full potential of the IoT paradigm. The development of scalable infrastructure, switching from closed networks to open systems, answering data sensing privacy and ethical issues, radio frequency identification technologies for RFIDs, survey routing protocols, sensor implementation & node exploration, including IoT-based arduous programming.


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