Lifestyle Disease Burden (An Economic Perspective)


Editors   : Amiya Abdul Khadar Dr. Pooja Kansra

Edition : 1

Book Size : A5

No. of Pages : 125

ISBN: 978-93-90390-33-5

Format : Paperback Ebook



Lifestyle disease is a global phenomenon that has grown rapidly due to the increase in urbanization and globalization that is happening around the world. It has led to a massive change in the way people live. A lifestyle disease can be defined as diseases associated with how an individual or a group of individuals live (William et al. 2016). It has almost become impossible to characterize the lifestyle of the majority of the world’s population as healthy (Freudenberg, 2013). The global change in the lifestyle of people has led to a dramatic change in the world’s disease incidence and pattern (Toebes, 2017).


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