Luminescence Studies of CaTiO3 Nano Powders


Editors : Dr. B. M. Manohara  , M.Sc., M.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D.  ,  Assistant Professor and Head, Department of Physics, GOVRNAMENT FIRST GRADE COLLEGE  MCC ‘B’ Block, Davangere, Karnataka, India

 Edition : 1

Book Size :   5*8

Pages  134

 ISBN: 978-81-945504-6-4

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Synthesis of nanoparticles consisting of two major routes,
namely physical and chemical routes. In physical route one may
consider ‘top-down’ approach which starts from solid and confining it
to a limited size. On the other hand, one may consider ‘bottom-up’
approach which starts from molecular system and expands its size. In
case of chemical route, the wet chemical technique for the synthesis
of nanoparticles includes sol-gel, combustion, co-precipitation,
hydrothermal, microwave etc. By conventional solid state route, it is
not possible to obtain a nano sized powder because initial sizes of the
reactants are much larger. A major challenge encountered in the
synthesis of nanoparticles is the poor control over stoichiometry at the
nano level. Although the solid state route is simple, this technique
suffers from major drawbacks like weak reactivity of the starting
materials and the poor homogeneity of the product.


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