Magic, Mystery and Connection of Numbers

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Author  :Vidhi maheshwari

Edition : 1

Size : 5*8 in

Pages : 165

ISBN: 978-93-90699-25-4

Format : Paper Back



Hello, welcome to the world of numbers. I have tried to make this journey even more interesting by giving you real life examples and connecting you all a little more with numbers. So are you ready to unlock the magic, mystery and connection of numbers with me?

2 reviews for Magic, Mystery and Connection of Numbers

  1. Neha

    One of the best book I have read so far especially when it comes to the field of Numerology. Every topic has been explained in such a layman language that it’s very easy to get a hand of it. You don’t need to know Numerology to read this book. But I am sure after reading this book you will surely get a hold of curiosity to learn more about Numerology. And the plus point of this book is that it tells you so much about yourself and your date of birth. And also you yourself can calculate the date of birth. No magic needed there. Just Order the book and read it along.

  2. Shubh

    A great read and helps in taking decisions in life better with numerology.

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