Magnetic Properties of TMI Doped Nano Zinc Ferrites


Editors : Dr. B. M. Manohara  , M.Sc., M.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D.  ,  Assistant Professor and Head, Department of Physics, GOVRNAMENT FIRST GRADE COLLEGE  MCC ‘B’ Block, Davangere, Karnataka, India

 Edition : 1

Book Size :  A5

Pages  189

 ISBN: 978-81-944331-7-0

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Nano zinc ferrites (ZFs) shows high permeability at high frequency,
high electrical resistivity, mechanical hardness, chemical stability,
low dielectric losses, low eddy currents, ferromagnetic with moderate
saturation magnetization and reasonable cost. Because of these
advantages nano ZFs were used in high performance devices like
multilayer chip inductors, sensors, solar cells, optoelectronic devices
etc. Nanometer size magnetic materials with super paramagnetic
properties were used in switching with little or no hysteresis loss.
Even though lot of efforts was placed in the last few decades a clear
understanding about the relationship between the physical properties
and the atomic-scale structure of the materials was desperately needed
in Nano regime.
In the present research, undoped and transition metal/s like
Cr3+, Ni2+ and Cu2+ doped ZFs have been chosen to synthesize by
three wet chemical methods such as solution combustion (SCS) with
ODH as fuel, plant latex mediated solution combustion or green
combustion synthesis (GCS) and hydrothermal (HYDS) routes. In
GCS method, the extract from fresh leaves of Mimosa pudica (MP)
was selected as a fuel for the preparation of ZFs. The synthesized
materials were characterized by advanced materials characterization
tools such as PXRD, SEM, TEM, FTIR, PCS, UV-Vis spectroscopy,
PL, XPS and TG/DSC analysis.


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