Managing Letter Writing Part I


Editors K. Hariharan , LL.B

 Edition : 1

Book Size :  A4

Pages 113

 ISBN: : 978-81-945504-2-6″

 Format : Paperback & Ebook




Dear Readers,

  •  I was a HR person in industrial units. When I used to talk to my
    junior colleagues, who were surely brilliant and energetic enough, they
    used to mention “I know English. Still I feel hesitant to boldly write a
    letter or memo to others. I think that, only starting and ending the letters
    seem to be embarrassing to me. Can you help me?”
  •  There is another group of young employees, who are from rural
    areas. They are also brilliant and educated. However medium of
    education might have been not in English till they had crossed Degree
    courses. This lot also used to tell me “We completed our three or five
    year Degree Courses from colleges or universities which did not
    concentrate on English Mediums. However we did our MBA etc. through
    English medium only. Hence while writing Reports, Letters and interoffice-
    memos we require still more confidence of using English.”
  • This book can help to such people. Please keep this book in your
    cabin/ computer. You will get confidence, assistance and some feedback
    to start your writings.


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