Modern Concept of Human Anatomy and Physiology


Author  :Dr. Manoj Kumar Sahu
Associate Professor,
SIRT-Pharmacy. Bhopal
Dr. Surendra Jain
SIRT-Pharmacy. Bhopal
Dr. Girjesh Viswakarma
Associate Professor,
SIRT-Pharmacy. Bhopal
Dr. Yogesh Pounikar
Apollo College of Pharmacy
Dr. Hargovind Garg
Associate Professor
Truba College of Pharmacy, Bhopal
Dr. Satish Sahu
Chouksey Engineering Col-lege Bilaspur, C.G.
Mr. Salaj Khare Dr. Abhishek Banke
Associate Professor Associate Professor
TIT college of Pharmacy SIRT-Pharmacy. Bhopal

Edition : 1

Size : 7*10 in

Pages : 244

ISBN : 978-93-90390-61-8

Format : Paper Back



Human anatomy and physiology course present tremendous challenges to both stu-dents and teachers. Not only acquisition of basic anatomical and physiological facts is essential to study anatomy and physiology, but development of the ability to solve practical and real life-problems is also very important. Students who ac-quire basic knowledge and ability to apply knowledge are better prepared for health care profession.


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