Negotiation : A Winning Attitude


Writer : Raana Govind Nayak

Edition : 1

Pager Size : A5

No. of Pages : 143

ISBN : 978-93-91669-89-8

Format : Paperback & eBook 

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Friends, this book starts with the reader and promises, whatever they want and expect through Negotiation- they must get it. As this book works as a perfect handbook for beginners to a matured professionals, this book is the shortest and most reliable vehicle EVER, for any goal or attainment of goal. Then it sets up a challenge by saying, even though the book is short, that doesn’t make it trite or meaningless – because to be used properly takes a great amount of time. I also recommends setting up a private reading group (which is brilliant, so people will be talking about the book with friends to try and set up such a group, and also because it makes it more social).

“Is it success, money, fame, power, contentment, personality and happiness?” whatever the goal could be, this book will definitely help the readers to achieve the same in an effective manner. We actually offer shortest dependable philosophy of individual achievement ever present for the benefit of society who is searching for a definite goal in life.

Before beginning the book everyone will profit greatly. You all must recognize the fact that the book was not written to entertain at all. No one can digest the content properly without any execution. We all need remember that Negotiation is a cyclic process for all departments. It’s not a onetime activity at all. The more we practice we will get hands on expertise on it.

After having 24 years of working experience I earned this art of negotiation. Trust me it’s a complete winning attitude, behavior and an art. No one get this winning attitude in any of the educational institutions at all. Negotiation is a power of success. That`s what I squeezed in this book for you all.


Raana Govind Nayak

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