Writer : Dr Rabia Nazir Ahmad, Dr Ishfaq Ahmad Gilkar, Dr Sajad Ahmed Tak, Dr Ruqia Quansar

Edition : 1

Pager Size : A5

No. of Pages : 100

ISBN :  978-93-91669-86-5

Format : Paperback & eBook

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First of all, I thank almighty Allah for His help to finish this book titled “The Panacea Of Pancreatitis”.

This book contains information about pancreas, acute and chronic pancreatitis. This book is of interest for undergraduates and postgraduates for its simplicity of language and the fact that it encompasses everything they need to know about the topic.

The basis of this book originally stemmed from my passion of gaining knowledge and helping others. In truth, I could not have achieved my current level of success without a strong support of Almighty Allah and my parents. The unwavering support, guidance, advices and sacrifices of my parents have motivated me to be focused in my field.

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