Principles of Cryptography and Network Security


Writer: Dr. V. S. Narayana Tinnaluri, Mr. Anjikumar Tamarapalli

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Cryptography is the study and use of strategies for secure communication while third parties, known as adversaries, are present. It is concerned with the development and analysis of protocols that prohibit hostile third parties from accessing information exchanged between two entities, thereby adhering to different elements of information security. A scenario in which a message or data shared between two parties cannot be accessed by an adversary is referred to as secure communication. In cryptography, an adversary is a hostile entity that seeks to obtain valuable information or data by compromising information security principles. Modern cryptography, basic concepts include data confidentiality, data integrity, authentication, and non-repudiation. Salient Features:  Confidentiality refers to a set of rules and standards that are generally followed under confidentiality agreements to guarantee that information is only shared with specific individuals or locations.  Data integrity refers to maintaining and making sure that the data stays accurate and consistent over its entire life cycle.  Authentication is the process of making sure that the piece of data being claimed by the user belongs to it.  Non-repudiation refers to the capacity to ensure that a person or party involved in a contract or communication cannot deny the legitimacy of their signature or the transmission of a message.

Objectives of studying the subject After studying this subject you should be able to:
* Explain Security in Computing Environment, Basics of Cryptography, and Encryption & Decryption
* Discuss on Symmetric Key encryption, Public Key Encryption
* Describes Protection of Computing Resources, Security Features in Operating Systems.
* Design Trusted Operating Systems.
* Explain Network Security, IP Security, Web Security, Electronic Mail Security, Firewalls & Security Policies.

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