श्रद्धा Shraddha


Writer : Mr Harsh Kumar

Edition : 1

Pager Size : A5

No. of Pages : 201

ISBN: 978-93-93694-87-4

Format : Paperback & Ebook


It is an autobiography of a wife, woven from the boundaries of language-grammar, woven with feelings and emotions, composed by the unadulterated writings of a husband. A husband who is an engineer by profession, whose mother tongue is not Hindi and who, having no knowledge of writing, no experience, has made a daring attempt to write his autobiography, being captivated by his wife’s ardent, sublime love.

This story is full of love between husband and wife, mutual understanding and dedication, the culmination of the discharge of family and social duties and the agony of separation.

Even though its language is very simple, but not elegant-beautiful-embellished, but every word of it’s throat is immersed in love, tearful. It is a read to experience a true bodiless divine love.

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