Social Sciences and Humanities: Different Perspectives


Editors: Ms Sonali Sharma, Dr Arun Dev Pareek

Edition   : 1

Size       :  6 x9

Pages    : 166

ISBN      : 978-93-91257-41-5

Format : Paperback & Ebook



Bringing together these articles from diverse domains of social sciences, humanities has been a milestone in an ongoing journey – a journey towards tracing the different perspectives and development in the related field and domain. The idea of this edited book is vested in the authors who have contributed with research gist and academic reciprocity.

The articles provide an understanding of generic developments and changes that have taken place from Economics to Corporate Social Responsibility, from Human Resource to Psychiatric Treatment, from Gender Politics to Employability, from Banks to Equation Modelling and from Online Teaching to Covid19 Pandemic. The research articles/chapters go on to reconstruct relationships with the research investigation from the East to the West. This edited book is intended to arouse and fulfil the academic need of the researchers and the young academicians.
We appreciate all the authors who vested their voluminous findings for publication in this book. The academic and research venture started with these knowledge bearers will reach new milestones in coming years. We are grateful to Manipal University Jaipur for always being the source of inspiration and motivation in nurturing our thoughts towards academic and research advancement. We also thank Nitya Publications, Bhopal, for providing us the platform to showcase the fresh insights and perspectives in Social Sciences and Humanities.